Fantasy and Science Fiction Art


Fantasy and Science Fiction is quite possibly the largest genre that uses illustrations.
Everything from graphic novels, book, magazine, trading cards, posters, video game design and concepts, and of course movies –
Fantasy and Sci-Fi is a huge field!
And as you may have guessed, many of these artists have gone digital! This project is so massive that I’ve broken it down to two lessons…

GandalfFallsWithTheBalrog.jpgProject One: Fantasy

Students will either choose a paragraph (or more) from their favorite fantasy story and create an illustration for that section, or take the Monsters of Moria challenge (see below). The artwork itself will not include any text, but will be displayed beside the completed art. Students may decide to illustrate the book cover instead—which would include text (of course). Talk with me about this in class if you are interested.

“The Monsters of Moria” Challenge

One of the most widely illustrated fantasy novels of all time is probably JRR Tolkiens “Lord of the Rings”. And why not! The novels are abundant in fantastic locations, races of peoples (hobbits, elves, humans, dwarf) and monsters (orcs, goblins, trolls, ringwraiths)… oh my.
Here is your challenge; Illustrate a section from “The Fellowship of the Ring”. Chapter Five—“The Bridge of Khazid-Dum” is one of my favorite chapters. It’s when Gandalf and the fellowship, fleeing from goblins and trolls, faces the terrifying Balrog!

Download the chapter below:

DarthVader.jpgProject Two: Science Fiction

You guessed it. Choose at least one paragraph of your favorite sci-fi novel, or scene from a movie, or even a video game story, and create an illustration for that moment in the story. Again, no text will be involved in the art, but ill be displayed beside the art.

Of course, you could always take the “Run Luke Run” contest.

“Run Luke Run!” Challenge
Although many science fiction films have used digital art, none to the level of the Star Wars franchise—they use so much that George Lucas had to create an entire company around creating that art (Industrial Light & Magic).
Truly awesome! So, heres the challenge my young padawans… illustrate one section of the script from the 1976 blockbuster Star Wars: A New Hope.
Below is a link to the script section that involves Darth Vader and Ben Obi Wan’s (you mean ole’ Ben?) epic light saber battle. The next section choice is shortly after that battle, when the “fellowship” is running towards the Millennium Falcon
( remember… run Luke run!)

newhope.jpgDownload those script sections here:

Choose a different section from the entire script here:


Check out Industrial Light and Magic: http://www.ilm.com/

If you haven’t seen any of these films,

consider that your homework!