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From fables and fairy tales to some of the most cutting edge modern stories,
children’s books (a.k.a. Picture Books) have long been a place to find amazing artwork in a wide variety of mediums (from charcoal and chalk to digital art.)

But don’t be fooled… the artwork isn’t always pretty… sometimes it’s downright scary!
One thing is for certain, Children’s books allow the artist to experiment with ideas, techniques and drawing styles.

Illustration Project:
Your mission is to illustrate a page from any children’s book story.

If you are willing, you may sign a contract with me to work on an independent book project of your very own!(Must be 8-14 pages long)

1. Find a children’s book story from the local library (or other location).
Choose one page that you would like to illustrate

2. Begin the thumbnail sketch process with these considerations;
The text must appear somewhere within the page design
(you can have the text within the artwork, or separate from the art)
You can change the overall format (shape) of the book.
How about creating a pop-up book! (Not for the faint-hearted!)

3. After choosing one, begin to sketch out a final rough at the original size.
We will scan in the rough and build the painting in Photoshop using the Mixer Brush Tool!

Lesson in Spanish:

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